Aerial Statement

I’ve always had a passion for the sky. Kites, airplanes, rockets, clouds, and stars have captivated me ever since I can remember. Today, as a professional pilot, I am able to experience the sky from within. It is a place of different scale, colors, and shapes whose great beauty I find irresistible. With aerial photography, one of my goals is to filter out the presence of the aircraft to create a view of the sky free of the machines needed to take us there.

With altitude, otherwise invisible features come into view: the tree disappears in the forest, but the forest appears out of the trees. And with higher altitude still, the forest gives way to networks of forests and fields, hills and rivers, cities and highways.

Aerial photographs, especially from high altitude, tell a unique story about humanity, highlighting the tremendous impact we have on our environment, as well as our fragility within it.

From atop the troposphere, one can see the power of Man to carve the world to his need. Yet one can also see that even Man’s biggest cities are dwarfed by nature’s scale and power.